About the Promiser & the Challenge

My letter to the World:

My name is Andrea and I’m flawed. I’m still getting used to my acne-scarred face. I can be so impatient and I’m stubborn too. Not only do I see my imperfections every day, I also see the world’s imperfections, and these imperfections are what inspire me to write. At one point in my life, I wanted my life to be perfect, I wanted to be perfect, I wanted my writing to be perfect, but now I’m not so anxious about perfection. At one point in my life, I decided that my expressions are important and necessary—not because they are perfect, but because they are honest and real. I’ve come to understand that it is more important to express honesty than to express superficial perfection. I decided that my honest expressions are important and necessary to me, because no matter how much I am loved, I’ve come to understand that solitude will forever be present in me. The type of solitude where I can listen to God—the nothing and the everything . Where I know I’m forgiven and where I know I’m not alone. It’ the type of solitude where no one will make me write what is drowned deep inside me—the ideas and goals. No one will make me speak up about what burns inside me—the emotions and opinions. Expression forever remains my responsibility.

I think others experience this too, now and then—solitude. In this solitude I find my honest self. In this solitude I find universality. In this solitude I understand other people and our experiences. In this solitude I understand that I have to remain true to my heart. My heart tells me that I am a poet and a writer and to be a writer means to write every single day. I know my writing isn’t perfect, and there is so much room for improvement, but one day it will be the best that it can be, if only I keep writing. All I can say is that I take the challenge to express myself creatively without limiting myself to an art-deprived, busy schedule. I give myself the freedom. I hope that my blog inspires you to embrace your creative freedom, that you allow yourself to create a story, a painting, a song, etc.—anything that you’ve been wanting to create but that you haven’t created because you’ve been making up excuses.

By the end of my story I will become a better writer, but my voice will remain the same, if anything my voice will become stronger. Imagining remains a beautiful thing. Believing remains the strongest link of dreams and reality. And this is how I choose to create my life. I choose to imagine, to believe, and to surpass life’s challenges along with everyone else by living my dreams. All I wish for is that we create something for better, something that’s stronger than a piece of paper. The words will speak for themselves and in our letters to the world we will find freedom. Our expressions free us, because we matter and the words on our letters become the meaningful—the invisible invincible—because our today matters. Our todays are not perfect and it’s okay to let loose the imperfections that make us fragile. We are solitary soldiers,  who fight for our  own freedoms. I find peace in my freedom and I hope you find peace in yours. “I Promise Freedom” is my challenge. Welcome to my blog.








2 thoughts on “About the Promiser & the Challenge

  1. pi314chron says:

    What an incredibly well-written About! I’ve read many such posts but few as polished as yours. 😛 Second, please accept my thanks for following my “Randa Lane…” haiku blog. I look forward to the journey ahead!

    Respect and Admiration,


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