Smiling, Mistakes, & the Little Details that DO Count

Dear World

(I don’t know how to start this post but I’m going to write about something anyway. I need to keep this routine going, and I’m not about to give up)

Recently, I’ve noticed that some of the major mistakes I’ve committed have been committed because I always fail to pay attention to the little details. When thinking about the little details often, we figure that if this is the one and only time in our lifetimes that we are going to see a stranger, we plainly deicide not to smile back at them. The truth is that this one in a lifetime experience matters more than people think it does. We might be in a shitty mood and want to block everything out so we figure; “Hey, I have an excuse to not smile today.” You see, I’m the type who wants to know what the point of life is. I know that there’s all this suffering in the world and the only thing I keep coming back to is that it’s our responsibility to make a difference. We have choices: We either do something or nothing. And when we’re stuck deciding what we are going to do we are essentially doing nothing. And so no matter how bad our day is going it’s still our responsibility to be the best that we can be even if the means responding someone’s “Hello, how are you?” with a “Hi, I’m not doing so well.” It’s okay to admit defeat, because we have all been there! But how hard it is sometimes to let go of the pride and let ourselves admit that we are on lower grounds than we really want to be. The problem about ignoring or forgetting the little details is that we forget that others might also be having  bad days, but these others are still opening doors for people and saying hi first. And that’s what we should all be doing.  It’s like handing a baton. You smile at someone and that someone is inspired to smile at someone else and the smile comes back to you sooner or later.

Paying attention to the small details is not hard. It’s actually something that is easily done when you are fully present in the moment. When you are fully present you can only think about what is going on around you and inside you and you get things right the first time around. And I know that I started this post talking about me committing mistakes and then I go off on how details count. I think what I mean to say is that being present and paying attention to the details allow us to not make as many mistakes. I’m not saying mistakes are bad. I’m just saying that life sure does run way smoother without them.




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